Access to Health Care for All

When a family member is sick, being able to see a doctor without worrying how you’ll pay for it is crucial. Through my work at the Open Door Clinic and Planned Parenthood, I know first-hand that many Vermonters struggle to access basic health care. I support publicly-financed Universal Primary Care for all Vermonters, including access to outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment, as a first step toward implementing the goal of health care as a universal public good. Guaranteed access to locally available and welcoming primary care will help control health care costs by reducing the need for expensive hospitalizations and emergency room visits, by prioritizing early treatment and preventative care. As an experienced public finance & budget professional, I understand that our current system of patchwork financing for health care is wasteful and expensive, leaving many Vermonters unable to access health care and forced to make impossible economic choice. Working toward a financially responsible solution to delivering healthcare to all Vermonters will be one of my priorities in Montpelier.

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