Policy Positions

Vermont is a wonderful place to live, and there is still much to do to make sure it’s a place where everyone can live, work, grow, and thrive. I am committed to working on policies that will help make this happen. In addition to my key policy priorities, as your senator, I will work hard to:

Support People, Families, and Community

  • Stand up for children, working families, & seniors
  • Provide access to nutritious food and dependable housing
  • Protect women’s health care and reproductive rights
  • Create welcoming & safe communities for New Americans & immigrant workers
  • Support common-sense gun safety reforms & domestic violence prevention
  • Expand locally-accessible mental health services
  • Tackle opioid crisis through evidence-based harm reduction, prevention & treatment measures

Build a Vibrant, Sustainable Economy

  • Ensure equitable pay and fair wages for all employees
  • Reinforce our strong arts, food & agriculture, and recreation organizations
  • Help small businesses & family farms thrive
  • Improve access to reliable internet & cell phone service
  • Support jobs in healthcare, education, and social service sectors
  • Build a job-creating, regulated cannabis market favoring local farmers

Protect our Environment

  • Preserve our working forests, open lands, and waterways
  • Promote farmers & foresters who use sustainable practices
  • Support smart development & low-impact, reliable infrastructure
  • Combat climate change through conservation & renewable energy
  • Ensure clean water for drinking, recreation, and wildlife habitat
  • Invest in public transportation & smart development practices

Tackling these issues will take a lot of hard work, but together we can make progress.