Our Stories

Our Stories

We all have personal stories that make us who we are. Understanding each other’s stories is how we form a community. This blog will feature some of my stories, as well as the stories of people in our community, how they have influenced me and my priorities, and why they are supporting my campaign. Please let me know if you’d like to contribute a story!

Fourth of July – Seize the Day!

Now is the time to seize the day. Send out the call and join the fray. Wrongs will be righted. If we’re united. Let us seize the day!

That was the message the fabulous group of musical kids, teens, and adults sang out from the Addison County Democrats Bristol Fourth of July Parade float last week. It was really HOT but we had so much fun shaking hands, meeting people, and marching in the parade with our fellow Democrats and supporters.


Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, including the people along the route who greeted us so enthusiastically! You can check out more photos and a video of the performance on the Facebook page.

Vote early and often

The first time I heard the phrase, “Vote early and often” was from my Great Aunt Heek. Born years before women had the right to vote, once Hilda Atterberg earned the right, she used it well. Aunt Heek worked for decades as a librarian at the Rochester (NY) Public Library and lived for over 50 years with her best friend and life partner, Martha.

I learned from Aunt Heek that women should be able to chose their own authors, partners, and candidates — we should read, love, and vote how ever we want. When Aunt Heek died at age 96, she left me a $1,000 savings bond and 70 years of daily diaries.  So, I know she voted often, in every single election possible, and early too.

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Friend, Mentor, Leader

By Ana Cimino Burke

I met Ruth during her first year as Executive Director of Emerge Vermont. I immediately recognized her enthusiasm and intelligence; she is someone who, through vision and leadership, inspires confidence in others. Ruth believes in people; she believes in helping communities grow; she believes in Addison County and Vermont. She takes the time to understand the issues and find creative, thoughtful ways to tackle some of Vermont’s most pressing issues.

Ruth spent her entire career rising to the occasion working in education finance, public policy, and grant writing until her most recent position as Executive Director of Emerge where she has empowered women across the state – including me – to run for elected office.

Ruth’s commitment to the community extends beyond her office doors. Ruth’s family is an integral part of the Middlebury community where she served on three school boards and volunteers regularly with numerous local organizations. It is no surprise that Ruth wants to be your elected State Senator– so that she may continue to serve the same community that provided her family with an opportunity to grow and thrive.

Note: Ana is a member of the Emerge Vermont Class of 2016 and a graduate of Mount Abe High School in Bristol. She currently lives in Stowe. The above photo is of Ana (left) and her Emerge sister, Brittany Nevins, on their first day of the Emerge training program.

Hardy a good numbers cruncher

By Ellen McKay

It’s important for people to know, as Montpelier is tied up in knots over the state budget, that Ruth Hardy is an exceptionally capable budget administrator. Ruth served as Assistant Budget Director at Middlebury College for seven years (2006-2013) and helped many departments and administrators work through significant budget reductions and stress during the worldwide financial crisis. Ruth was the one we’d call when we needed a calm, patient, and humane voice to explain tricky financial matters and advocate for essential programs.

As an Addison County senator, Ruth would bring a steady, intelligent voice to complicated budget negotiations and would be an important asset to all Vermonters.

This post appeared as a letter to the editor in the Addison County Independent on June 25, 2018. Ellen McKay is Program Coordinator for the Charles P. Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life at Middlebury College. Ellen and Ruth worked together on the Center’s budget while Ruth served as the College’s Assistant Budget Director.

Our Summer Plan

This past week marked the official start to summer as our kids enjoyed their first full week off from school and we all were treated to a gorgeous summer solstice. My family celebrated the longest day of the year with a campfire, s’mores, and sparklers with friends. I hope your summer is off to a great start too!

Although it’s summer, our campaign is not on vacation! We’re busy getting out to meet people and spread the message about how important this election is for our county, state, and country. My campaign is working hard and we could use your help. Here’s our Summer Campaign Plan and how you can help!

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