Amy Graham

“I am writing to express my unconditional support for Ruth Hardy for Vermont Senate. I have known Ruth for over a decade, since the time when we both had toddlers at the playground. In those days, we bonded as moms struggling to balance our home lives with our work lives. In more recent years, I had the pleasure of serving on the former Mary Hogan ID#4 School Board with Ruth. As the chair of the board, Ruth was incredibly dedicated to the work we did, researching policy issues that came before us and scrutinizing budgets with a fine tooth comb. She always did her homework and made sure that everyone on the board was well-informed about issues before we had to make a decision. She was committed to serving the school, the children, and the taxpayers as fairly as possible. I learned so much about the workings of the school board from Ruth and could not imagine being on that board without her.

I am thrilled that she is running for a higher office and hope that she will be able to continue serving our community in Montpelier. Ruth is smart, professional, dedicated, experienced, and passionate about the things she believes in. She will advocate for our communities, our children and schools, our seniors, and those most vulnerable in our society. She will bring her wealth of policy knowledge and budgeting skills to the State House on our behalf. She is the real thing and she deserves our vote. Early voting starts September 21. Come November, I hope we will be sending Ruth Hardy to the Vermont State House!”

Amy Graham, a former member of the ID#4 School Board, lives in Middlebury. This letter appeared in the Addison Independent on September 24.