Amy Mason

“I urge voters to support Chris Bray and Ruth Hardy for Vermont Senate. Though they’re not paired on the ballot as a twosome, we’d be well served to have Chris and Ruth at our State House as a team. Chris, our incumbent Senator, has served us well in Montpelier for 10 out of the last 12 years and has an impressive record of moving legislation forward in such areas as energy, education, job creation, and preserving environmental health. Ruth is known for her leadership of Emerge Vermont, her passion for helping families thrive, her service to our local school boards, and her impressive financial skills.

Some of the most important things we need in elected officials are the ability to listen to constituents, conscientiousness in investigating matters of legislation that impact Vermonters all around the state, and the capacity to collaborate with a diverse group of other leaders and lawmakers. These are qualifications that both Chris and Ruth have in spades.

Our county has two senators representing us in Montpelier in the Vermont Senate. There are only 30 people in the Senate, and my understanding is they work really hard and put a tremendous amount of effort into reaching agreement. It’s important that those we elect have a collective breadth of knowledge and work well together. These two leaders complement each other well in terms of experience and knowledge, and in many ways they already make a great team. Join me in voting for these capable, dedicated public servants.”

Amy Mason lives in Weybridge. This letter appeared in the Addison Independent on October 15.