Gerry and Betsy Gossens

“We are very pleased to support Ruth Hardy in her run for election to the Vermont Senate.

She has been involved in an impressive number of boards and activities which have prepared her well to serve as a state senator.

Through Emerge Vermont she has assisted many women to become active in public office and organizations.

She knows Addison County and beyond through her participation on school boards, with the Open Door Clinic, with a job at Middlebury College, and with the Vermont Leadership Institute among many other activities.

Ruth is highly qualified to serve Addison County. She will be an outstanding Senator. We are delighted to support Ruth.”

Gerry and Betsy Gossens live in Salisbury. Gerry Gossens served as State Senator for Addison County from 2001-2004, and State Representative from 1993-96. This letter appeared in the Addison Independent on September 27.