Heather Seeley

“I’m writing to encourage you to join me in voting for Ruth Hardy for Vermont Senate. There are lots of reasons why Ruth will be a great representative for us in Montpelier but my favorite one is her budgeting and number crunching abilities. As the Chair of the ID4 School Board and then as a member of the consolidated ACSD board and finance committee, Ruth has repeatedly demonstrated to Middlebury residents her prowess with numbers and budgets, especially ones that are very complicated and require detailed knowledge of multiple issues. I think this is a skill that we could definitely use more of in Montpelier.

In addition, Ruth has repeatedly demonstrated superb public speaking skills while presenting very complicated budgets to the voters. I have been repeatedly impressed by Ruth’s ability to accurately articulate the details of these budgets to voters. She’s also a champion at answering voters questions and making sure they have the information needed to make an informed decision.

I’m looking forward to knowing our money and financial decisions in Montpelier are in Ruth’s capable hands. Please join me and vote for Ruth Hardy for Vermont Senate on Tuesday, November 6th.”

Heather Seeley lives in Middlebury, where she has served on the town’s Selectboard since 2016.