Jori Jacobeit

“On Tuesday, May 22, I gathered with a crowd of 200 people at American Flatbread to celebrate Ruth Hardy’s Senate campaign launch. The heartfelt  introduction by Ruth’s daughter Greta, the palpable energy of the crowd, and Ruth’s charisma left me feeling hopeful for the future.

Ruth Hardy has proven herself as a local leader who will advocate for the progress that matters most to young families like mine: strengthening Vermont’s educational opportunities, ensuring that childcare and pre-K are accessible and affordable, and fighting for the protection of our environment. As executive director of Emerge Vermont, Ruth has empowered dozens of women to run for political office. Now it’s her turn.

2018 promises to be the year where women across this country will rise up and claim their place at the table of American politics. I am looking forward to doing my part to ensure that Ruth Hardy is my voice in the Vermont Senate.”

This post appeared as a letter to the editor in the Addison County Independent on June 12, 2018. Jori Jacobeit is an award-winning French teacher at Mt. Abraham High School in Bristol and a member of the Addison Central School District Board. She lives in Shoreham.