Laura Asermily

Profile picI heartily endorse Ruth Hardy for Vermont State Senate. Ruth will work tirelessly and effectively on behalf of us toward sensible and equitable education policy. She understands and can clearly articulate its complexity–a true gift. She also understands the balance of economic development and environmental protection in the face of climate change and will encourage and coordinate diverse voices, including women’s voices.

Ruth practices what she preaches in advocating for women to run for office and I appreciate her efforts in guiding me and several Middlebury women in running for office. Let’s get her working for us!

Laura Asermily, who has served on the Middlebury Selectboard since 2014, is a passionate activist for smart environmental practices and the office manager of the Champlain Valley Unitarian Universalist Society. This letter ran in the Addison Independent on Sept. 13, 2018.