Sustaining our Public Schools

Our current system of funding schools is one of the most equitable in the country, and we need to ensure that we protect or strengthen this emphasis. I will work to ensure that local communities retain a strong voice in the future of their schools and that the state guarantees broad-based quality and equity for all students.

Access to Health Care for All

I support publicly-financed Universal Primary Care for all Vermonters, including access to outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment, as a first step toward implementing health care as a universal public good.

Access to Quality Childcare

Access to childcare is a family support, preventative health, education, gender equity, and economic development issue. I will continue to work to expand support for existing high-quality public and community-based programs.

Paid Family Leave

I have worked to pass a publicly-financed paid family leave program, ensuring that family members can be together during times of illness or the arrival of a new child without financial stress forcing difficult choices.

Advocating for Equality

The strength of our communities and state can be measured by how we treat our most vulnerable neighbors, and by whom we invite to the table to make decisions. As a senator, I will continue to advocate for all Vermonters and work to ensure marginalized voices are heard at our statehouse.

Investing in Higher Education

We must invest more across the spectrum of higher education in Vermont, from the flagship University of Vermont to the state college and technical college system to the multiple campuses of Community College of Vermont.

Supporting Seniors

I support our seniors by working to protect and expand local healthcare options, home-health & elder care services, affordable housing & transportation, welcoming and accessible town centers, and a vibrant arts & culture scene.

Responsible State Budgeting

State budgets are not easily understood from the outside and should not be treated as abstract political games. State budgets are complex expressions of our collective public priorities.