Hear what Ruth’s constituents and colleagues have to say about her!

“Senator Chris Bray’s dedication to public service and his deep experience in the Vermont Legislature are the perfect match for Ruth Hardy’s community service, energy and enthusiasm as they run for the Vermont Senate.

Chris has amassed an impressive record of accomplishments in the Vermont Legislature, starting with his Farm to Plate Bill in 2009, which has helped add 6,400 new jobs statewide, to the Clean Water Act, which takes an “Everybody In” approach to improving water quality. He listens to all Vermonters and represents us fairly and with great attention to detail.

Ruth brings vital knowledge of our public education system and of how to craft collaborative budgets. She has given 16 years of public service to our local community, serving on the boards of early childhood programs and school boards.

Together, Chris and Ruth offer a unique blend of experience and enthusiasm and will work hard to create excellent jobs, a good life for families and children, and a clean and healthy environment.

I’m casting my two votes for Sen. Chris Bray and for Ruth Hardy for the Vermont Senate on Nov. 6.”

Fran Putnam lives in Weybridge. This letter was published in the Addison Independent on September 17.

Fran Putnam

“I am writing to express my unconditional support for Ruth Hardy for Vermont Senate. I have known Ruth for over a decade, since the time when we both had toddlers at the playground. In those days, we bonded as moms struggling to balance our home lives with our work lives. In more recent years, I had the pleasure of serving on the former Mary Hogan ID#4 School Board with Ruth. As the chair of the board, Ruth was incredibly dedicated to the work we did, researching policy issues that came before us and scrutinizing budgets with a fine tooth comb. She always did her homework and made sure that everyone on the board was well-informed about issues before we had to make a decision. She was committed to serving the school, the children, and the taxpayers as fairly as possible. I learned so much about the workings of the school board from Ruth and could not imagine being on that board without her.

I am thrilled that she is running for a higher office and hope that she will be able to continue serving our community in Montpelier. Ruth is smart, professional, dedicated, experienced, and passionate about the things she believes in. She will advocate for our communities, our children and schools, our seniors, and those most vulnerable in our society. She will bring her wealth of policy knowledge and budgeting skills to the State House on our behalf. She is the real thing and she deserves our vote. Early voting starts September 21. Come November, I hope we will be sending Ruth Hardy to the Vermont State House!”

Amy Graham, a former member of the ID#4 School Board, lives in Middlebury.

Amy Graham

Joanna and RuthLike a lot of Addison County residents, I’ve been filled with dread and despair since the election of 2016. As a woman raising a daughter, seeing a self confessed sexual predator rise to the highest office in the land is a bitter pill to swallow. The ray of hope is that women, minorities and LGBTQ candidates have stepped up to run for office in unprecedented numbers, and they are winning!

Our local connection to these trailblazers is our very own candidate for Vermont state Senate, Ruth Hardy. Ruth is the executive director of Emerge Vermont, and she has trained dozens of Vermont women, many of whom are running in this year’s election.

I am so excited to be volunteering my time for the Ruth Hardy campaign, because I know that when it comes to issues that affect working families in Vermont, Ruth will work doggedly in Montpelier to make positive change. Rights and Democracy, Vermont’s statewide Progressive organization, has endorsed Ruth for State Senate because of her support for a livable wage, affordable childcare, paid parental leave and a healthy environment.

I know, from many deep conversations with Ruth, how much she cares about racial justice, and her years of service on our school board include spearheading the Anti-Bias Taskforce that has done important work to make our schools more inclusive and fair.

Finally, any letter about Ruth that failed to mention her skill with numbers and budgeting would be incomplete. Ruth’s geeky fascination with budgets of all kinds is positively legendary, and there is literally no other person I would trust as much as Ruth, to manage our tax dollars for the benefit of all Vermonters. Ruth’s sharp mind, loving heart and truly inspiring work ethic make her the leader Addison County deserves.

Please join me in voting for Ruth Hardy for Vermont State Senate.

Joanna Colwell owns Otter Creek Yoga, and lives in East Middlebury. This letter was published in the Addison Independent on Sept. 13.

Joanna Colwell

“I met Ruth Hardy one Saturday morning this summer at the town recycling shed in Ripton. She had driven up Route 125 that morning, knowing that the residents of Ripton would be bringing in their recycling and visiting with neighbors, and she knew it was a good time to become acquainted with the citizenry of our little mountain town. This does not happen in Ripton — that a candidate for state office arrives on recycling day to meet the locals.

So, I was immediately impressed with her down-to-earth practicality and earnest friendliness, not to mention her willingness to be up early on a summer Saturday in search of votes, getting her face and name fixed in peoples’ minds.

What Ruth understands and talks about are the real needs of the real people of our county: universal primary health care; affordable, accessible early childhood education and daycare; a livable wage for all workers; paid family leave; women’s reproductive rights; gender equity (politically and economically); economic equity in access to higher education. I almost could not believe that I was finally meeting a candidate for state office who was actually in touch with the real lives of real Vermonters.

As I talked to others who have known Ruth Hardy, I heard that she is a strong, assertive, determined woman who will not be pushed around or marginalized within the male-dominated Vermont Senate or within the Democratic Party. I find her candidacy so encouraging that I had to write this letter to let others in Addison County know: If you have lost faith in the ability of those elected to the Statehouse to do anything for us once they get there, Ruth might just be the one we have hoped for. Vote for Ruth Hardy. Support her candidacy. Let’s see what she can get done in Montpelier.”

– Millard “Mac” Cox lives in Ripton. This letter was published in the Addison Independent on Sept. 13.

Millard Cox

Emily JoselsonI support the candidacy of Ruth Hardy, as I have long been impressed with Ruth’s intelligence, energy and commitment to our community, our state, and to the important issues facing us.

I have appreciated Ruth’s service on local school boards, including as Chair of the Mary Hogan School Board, Co-Chair of the Charter Committee which organized the unified Addison Central School District, and then on the new ACSD Board, including leading its finance committee. I know her background working at Middlebury College’s budget office helped her bring this expertise to her work in public service. I am grateful for her work as a grant-writer for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, and as Director of the Addison County Open Door Clinic, providing free medical care to uninsured Vermonters.

Ruth currently serves as Executive Director of Emerge Vermont, which is “the state’s premier organization that recruits, trains and provides a powerful network to Democratic women who want to run for office.” Its candidate training program provides women with the skills they need to run successful political campaigns – at all levels of government. Emerge alumnae now hold seats in the Vermont House and Senate, as well as on local library and school boards. Ruth worked hard as campaign manager for Lindsey Fuentes-George’s successful run for Middlebury Selectboard, and I am thrilled that Lindsey is now a member of our town’s governing body.

Therefore, I was so pleased to learn that Ruth, herself, decided to run for higher office. She is smart, hardworking, experienced, and committed to service. We couldn’t be better represented in the State Senate. I urge everyone to learn more about Ruth Hardy, and to vote for her on Election Day.

– Emily Joselson is an attorney with Langrock, Sperry, & Wool LLP, who lives in Middlebury. This letter was published in the Addison Independent on September 20.

Emily Joselson

Michele Hernandez BaylissI strongly endorse Ruth Hardy for Vermont Senate—it’s hard to find a smarter, more pragmatic, organized, and compassionate candidate. I worked with her for years on the Addison Central School Board (and carpooled with her and her children to orchestra practice), and she was one of the most aggressive advocates for positive change and high standards for our schools, which is a key issue for the state of Vermont. I never saw her shy away from debate or the tough discussions we needed to have to guide the school district.  She has a tremendous command of budgets/finance (a rare gift and part of her training & former job), and will make sure we spend our money ethically and efficiently. On a personal level, she’s trustworthy, open-minded and aggressive when she needs to be. I can think of no better advocate for women’s rights, strong schools, the environment, and integrity at the local/state/national level than Ruth Hardy.

Michele Hernandez Bayliss, Co-President and Founder Top Tier Admissions, lives in Weybridge.

Michele Hernandez Bayliss

Profile picI heartily endorse Ruth Hardy for Vermont State Senate. Ruth will work tirelessly and effectively on behalf of us toward sensible and equitable education policy. She understands and can clearly articulate its complexity–a true gift. She also understands the balance of economic development and environmental protection in the face of climate change and will encourage and coordinate diverse voices, including women’s voices.

Ruth practices what she preaches in advocating for women to run for office and I appreciate her efforts in guiding me and several Middlebury women in running for office. Let’s get her working for us!

Laura Asermily, who has served on the Middlebury Selectboard since 2014, is a passionate activist for smart environmental practices and the office manager of the Champlain Valley Unitarian Universalist Society. This letter ran in the Addison Independent on Sept. 13, 2018.

Laura Asermily

“It’s important for people to know, as Montpelier is tied up in knots over the state budget, that Ruth Hardy is an exceptionally capable budget administrator. Ruth served as Assistant Budget Director at Middlebury College for seven years (2006-2013) and helped many departments and administrators work through significant budget reductions and stress during the worldwide financial crisis. Ruth was the one we’d call when we needed a calm, patient, and humane voice to explain tricky financial matters and advocate for essential programs.

As an Addison County senator, Ruth would bring a steady, intelligent voice to complicated budget negotiations and would be an important asset to all Vermonters.”

This post appeared as a letter to the editor in the Addison County Independent on June 25, 2018. Ellen McKay is Program Coordinator for the Charles P. Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life at Middlebury College. Ellen and Ruth worked together on the Center’s budget while Ruth served as the College’s Assistant Budget Director.

Ellen McKay

“Last week I attended the campaign kick-off gathering for Ruth Hardy and was so pleased with her message. It was a wonderful exciting atmosphere at American Flatbread filled with people of all ages. I’ve known Ruth for a few years and was glad to hear that she was running for the seat that Senator Ayer will be stepping back from.

I live in Hancock, one of the two easternmost towns of Addison County. We are often an afterthought when someone speaks of Addison County. But we’ve been fortunate in having wonderful representatives and sometimes senators who are willing to make the trip “over the mountain” to hear our concerns. I know that Ruth will follow suit and am looking forward to seeing what she can accomplish in Montpelier for all of her constituents. I know she’ll represent us well.”

This post appeared as a letter to the editor in the Addison County Independent on June 7, 2018.

Monica Collins

“On Tuesday, May 22, I gathered with a crowd of 200 people at American Flatbread to celebrate Ruth Hardy’s Senate campaign launch. The heartfelt  introduction by Ruth’s daughter Greta, the palpable energy of the crowd, and Ruth’s charisma left me feeling hopeful for the future.

Ruth Hardy has proven herself as a local leader who will advocate for the progress that matters most to young families like mine: strengthening Vermont’s educational opportunities, ensuring that childcare and pre-K are accessible and affordable, and fighting for the protection of our environment. As executive director of Emerge Vermont, Ruth has empowered dozens of women to run for political office. Now it’s her turn.

2018 promises to be the year where women across this country will rise up and claim their place at the table of American politics. I am looking forward to doing my part to ensure that Ruth Hardy is my voice in the Vermont Senate.”

This post appeared as a letter to the editor in the Addison County Independent on June 12, 2018. Jori Jacobeit is an award-winning French teacher at Mt. Abraham High School in Bristol and a member of the Addison Central School District Board. She lives in Shoreham.

Jori Jacobeit