Signs, Phones, Doors – Volunteer Today!

We’ve been sticking with our summer plan and working hard to reach as many Addison County voters as possible. Over the past few weeks we’ve met voters in Bristol, Granville, Middlebury, New Haven, Orwell, Ripton, Salisbury, Shoreham, Starksboro, Vergennes, and Waltham. Now we need your help reach more voters in all 26 towns. Can you help us ?

1) Lawn Signs2018-07-22 17.15.16
Do you have a lawn where a sign would be seen by lots of people? Sign up to host a lawn sign and we’ll bring one by. We need to cover the whole county, and more, with lawns signs in strategic spots. And, if your lawn is not in a high traffic area, but your car gets around, we have bumper stickers too. We’re happy to send you one!

2) Canvassing Days
Our campaign is working with the Vermont Democratic Party and the Addison County Democrats to host two days of canvassing events in a town near you! We’ll be in Middlebury on Saturday, August 4th and in Bristol on Sunday, August 5thSign up to help knock on doors, talk with neighbors, and ask them to vote. Let us know which day works for you and we’ll send you the details.

2018-07-19 12.13.293) Phone Calls to Get Out the Vote
During the week leading up to August 14th Primary Election, we’ll be calling people to remind them to vote. If you can spare an hour or two to talk with people about the importance of voting, then sign up to make phone calls and we’ll get you the details.

4) Upcoming Events
The Addison County Democrats will have a booth at the Addison County Field DaysAugust 7-11.  That week we’ll also be hosting a very special movie event (details coming soon…).  If you’d like to help with either, sign up to work at an event.

5) Make a Contribution2018-07-21 12.01.39
We still have a lot of ground to cover, literally, before Election Day in November.  Your contribution will help pay for gas, mailings, and ads so we can reach as many voters as possible.

6) VOTE!
Most importantly, vote on August 14th or before (early voting is underway now). I don’t have a primary contest, but there are really important primary elections for governor, state representatives, and sherriff.  Be sure to get out and vote for these races, and for me too! And then, do it again in November!