Running to Represent You!

I’m Ruth Hardy, and I’m running for the Vermont Senate to represent all of Addison County, the Town of Huntington, and Buels Gore.

Ruth Hardy
Photo by Julie Ann Pixler

I am running because I believe in hard work, community service, and responsive government.

We live in a beautiful state, with a long tradition of direct democracy, engaged citizens, and strong communities. But there is work to do to make sure all Vermonters can enjoy the bounties of our beautiful state. The reality is that many Vermonters cannot make ends meet, or struggle with the challenges of addiction or depression. Many Vermonters don’t feel safe in their homes or schools, or welcome in our tight-knit communities. And, we need to better steward our natural resources – land, forests, water, and air – to preserve them for future generations.

I am a working mother who has served my community for the past 16 years, as a non-profit leader, dedicated volunteer, and elected school board member. I know how to work with diverse groups of people to get things done and make our communities better for everyone. I am committed to celebrating what we do well, and improving what we need to do better.

I am a hard-working Democrat, and I am passionate about helping others make their voices heard. I want to be a voice for Addison County in Montpelier to help all of our neighbors have the opportunity to live, work, grow, and thrive here.