Let’s Pull the Woman Card!

Please take a few moments to listen to a remarkable piece of audio storytelling. On the new episode of the excellent Vermont-centered podcast Rumble Strip, “Let’s Pull the Damn Woman Card!“, host Erica Heilman interviews four impressive Democratic women running for Vermont office this fall: Gubernatorial nominee Christine Hallquist, House candidates Kathleen James (Manchester) and Becca White (Hartford), and our very own Senate candidate Ruth Hardy.

I was struck by how this episode rethought some assumptions about why so many women are running for office this year, and why it matters. This is not just about a “pink wave” of women who were inspired by the disaster of 2016 to get involved—this election we have an opportunity to embrace different types of collaborative leadership and life experiences that these four women (among many others) represent. As a man, this podcast got me excited for the changes that can happen in our state when we step aside and give accomplished, experienced women a chance to lead!

I know from first-hand experience how Ruth will lead. We have known each other for almost 29 years, have been married for 21 years, and have been parenting our kids together for 17 years. Throughout those decades, I have seen how Ruth steps up when nobody else wants to, respectfully collaborates with allies and adversaries alike, puts the needs of others before her own, and works harder than anyone else in the room. This is how she acts at work, at school board meetings, and at home; it is simply her way of being. She is not running to be part of a “pink wave”—ever since I’ve known her, she has been leading the charge for making sure that women’s voices are heard, setting an exceptional example for our three kids, and tirelessly serving our community.

I hope you join me in listening to Ruth’s remarkable voice on this podcast, and working to make sure that her voice represents us all in Montpelier. The campaign needs your help—in contributions to advertise and send mailings across the district, in volunteer time to reach out to neighbors, and in your own voices spreading the word to your friends and neighbors about why it’s time to “pull the woman card” and elect Ruth in November!

– Jason Mittell