Endorsements for Ruth

I am proud of my record in the Vermont Senate. I have been a strong advocate for working Vermonters, high quality public schools and colleges, environmental protections, access to comprehensive healthcare, and gender equality. Based on my progressive voting and policy making record, I'm proud to announce endorsements from many of Vermont's labor, environmental, and… Continue reading Endorsements for Ruth


COVID-19 Update – Champlain Orchards Outbreak

Over the weekend, the Vermont Department of Health confirmed a COVID-19 outbreak among orchard workers at Champlain Orchards in Shoreham. I have been in contact with officials at the Agencies of Human Services and Agriculture, and participated in a briefing for legislators and press conference with the Commissioner of Health, State Epidemiologist, and Secretary of… Continue reading COVID-19 Update – Champlain Orchards Outbreak


Time to Vote!

It's time to VOTE! This past week the Vermont Secretary of State's Office began mailing ballots to every active registered voter in Vermont. As long as your voting address has not been contested and you're registered to vote, you should get a ballot in the mail soon. You can mail the ballot back, return it in person at your town clerk's office, or wait to vote in person on Election Day. Check with your own town clerk about early voting and how to return ballots in person. Be sure to follow all of the instructions on how to return your ballot correctly so your vote will be counted!