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June Update – End of Emergency, Resources, Vetoes, and Celebrations

After 15 long months, the official state of emergency in Vermont has ended, with the Governor's recent announcement that 80% of eligible Vermonters have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Congratulations Vermonters - this is a huge accomplishment! We are the first state to reach this milestone, and one of the most vaccinated places in… Continue reading June Update – End of Emergency, Resources, Vetoes, and Celebrations

COVID-19, Issues, Legislation/Bills

Historic 2021 Legislative Session Ends

The 2021 Vermont Legislative Session came to an end last week, as we adjourned after passing a $7.3 billion state budget and numerous other important bills. The session was historic for several reasons: 1) we met remotely throughout the session and were able to maintain public access, health and safety, and generally smooth operations during… Continue reading Historic 2021 Legislative Session Ends

COVID-19, Issues, Legislation/Bills

Advice and Consent of the Senate

One of the duties of the Senate is to provide advice and consent to the Governor on appointments to important executive positions, boards, and commissions. As the Governor makes appointments, Senate Committees review appointee's records and resumes, question them during committee hearings, and/or meet with them informally to assess their qualifications for the position to… Continue reading Advice and Consent of the Senate