Endorsements and Campaign News!

The final weeks of the campaign are here and I’m excited to announce some news about endorsements and fundraising support.

I have been endorsed by each member of Vermont’s Congressional delegation, former Governor Madeleine Kunin, and retiring state senator Claire Ayer, among others. In addition, I have received the backing of Planned Parenthood Vermont Action Fund, Rights & Democracy, Vermont Conservation Voters, the National Association of Social Workers, the Vermont AFL-CIO, and the Sierra Club.

Senator Bernie Sanders writes, “Ruth Hardy is a passionate grassroots leader who will advocate for good schools, a livable wage, and support for families and seniors. We need fierce women’s rights advocates like Ruth in elected office, now more than ever.” Congressman Peter Welch adds that Ruth is a “proven leader at the state and local level and would be a strong voice for Addison County in the Vermont State Senate,” Senator Patrick Leahy concurs, saying Ruth “will fight for women’s rights, healthy families, strong schools, youth engagement, and fair wages.”

Senator Claire Ayer, whose seat I am running to fill, writes “Ruth Hardy has the experience, work ethic, and values to successfully represent Addison County in the Vermont Senate. Her expertise in education, health care, women’s rights, and public finance is what we need in Montpelier.” Governor Madeleine Kunin, with whom I have worked closely as Executive Director of Emerge Vermont, an organization which Kunin founded, writes, “Ruth practices what she preaches. She has a passion for the state of Vermont and is inspired to improve the lives of all Vermonters.”

I am grateful that a number of other leaders in Addison County have endorsed me as well, identified on my Endorsements page. But even more vital than the endorsements of other political leaders is the the broad support of individual Vermonters. Dozens of supporters have written testimonials citing my hard work, skills, passion, and commitment to public service. It is humbling to read the words of my neighbors testifying to how they think I will serve them and my district.

Tied to that grassroots support, my approach to fundraising has focused on small donations from individuals – and it has worked! I have raised more funds than anyone else in the Addison Senate race, with more individual donors than all of my opponents combined. I have received donations from 284 individuals, with more than 80% giving $100 or less. This broad-based support has let my people-powered campaign fund outreach to connect with voters across the district, and I am thankful for all of those donors.

My approach to campaign finance mirrors my values as a public official: prioritizing constituents over corporations and everyday citizens over monied interests. I took the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge sponsored by VPIRG, and I am not accepting money from any other corporations. Instead, I am deeply grateful that so many individual citizens have added their hard-earned dollars and thoughtful voices to my campaign. I look forward to earning their votes as well.

Seventeen days to go until Election Day! Remember to vote early now, or on November 6!